Why should you use Rapid Audit?

Protect Your Brand & Business

Be proactive with audit and compliance, Rapid Audit constantly pinpoints non-compliance so that your business can respond in a timely and agile manner.

Ensure Reliable & Valid Data

Rapid Audit enables efficient and reliable data collection. There is no rekeying of information so the risk of false data entries is eliminated.

Manage Multiple Campaigns

Get higher quality data and complete multiple inspections and audits simultaneously.

Maintain Operational Integrity

Keep track of historical records of audits and inspections performed for each Audit Form for proof of compliance.

Rapid Audit can ease audit burdens and enable more frequent audits.


Audit Checklists Gone Digital

  • Conduct audits without paper.
  • Create and manage audit and inspection checklists efficiently.
  • Attach photos for each item for a more detailed report.
  • Assign roles and send notification to auditors and other stakeholders when a form is published.
  • Maintain a library of form templates and past audits to save time.

Risk & Compliance Management and Reporting

  • Generate summary reports and drill down data for analysis to identify the key focus areas for improvement.
  • Get real-time visibility across all audits and inspections.
  • Standardize operations and reduce the risks and non-compliances.
  • Demonstrate compliance through an audit trail.