Improve Employee Safety with Digital PPE Audits

While most, if not all businesses, suffered as a result of the pandemic, many companies and organizations were able to transition to a work-from-home model, and thus were able to keep operating. However, working from home is really not an option for the manufacturing sector. As a consequence, workplace health and safety has been placed front and center for manufacturing operations.

PPE Inspection Checklists

Regular Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) inspections are now more important than ever before. Helping to prevent the spread of COVID is of course vitally important, but COVID is just one of many health & safety risks that we have to manage. Confirming that the correct PPE is being used, ensuring that PPE is in good condition, that the health & safety policies are being followed, all of these steps help to minimize health & safety risks. Minimizing health & safety risks in turn helps to keep your business operating efficiently and profitably.

Mitigating COVID-19 Risks with Digital PPE Inspection Checklists

With the high frequency of audits for COVID safety, manual checklists will not be enough. Digital PPE Audit checklists make it easy to manage and reduce COVID and other health & safety risks across the organization.

Web access: Rapid Audits are driven via a web interface, this allows date collection across multiple sites, using whichever device is available or suitable, a laptop, an Android phone, or a desktop PC.

COVID Audits and much more: Rapid Audit can automate COVID workplace audits, employee self-assessment, accreditation, plant floor assessment, facility maintenance, ISO, safety, and more.

Conduct Audits at Scale: Carry out multiple audits concurrently, ensure faster audit completion rates and receive audit results much earlier than would be possible using traditional audit tools.

  • Automated audit report generation: Rapid Audit automatically generates summary reports enabling users to drill down data for analysis and identify the key focus areas for improvement and non-compliance.

Switching to Digital PPE Checklists with Rapid Audit

Thousands of field audits are conducted every year across a range of industries from automotive and aerospace to electronics, personal protection equipment, furniture manufacturers and others. Rapid Audit makes it easy to manage multiple high frequency audits and reduce operational and health risk across your entire organization. Identify where social distancing is not happening, the wrong PPE is being deployed or used incorrectly. Use Rapid Audit to protect your business!

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