COVID Audit Solution

Protocol compliance audits for government and businesses sectors

Ensure LGUs' compliance with COVID reponse protocols

The Local Government Units (LGUs) are at the forefront of COVID response to prevent the further spread of the the virus in their communities. With the number of barangays in each city and municipality, frequent auditing of their performance has proven to be a challenge. 


Rapid Audit offers a risk-based audit app that incorporates audit checklists to gauge the performance and risk status of various commmunity areas.



Protect your business and employees from risks

COVID has caused an unprecedented impact on businesses around the world. Now that a lot of businesses are semi and fully operational, the risk of COVID is still there, and will be with us for many more months or even years.  Both employers and employees have the responsibility to protect themselves from COVID risks. This will not just help prevent outbreaks in the workplace, but it will also help in avoiding workplace closures and other related business disruptions. 


With Rapid Audit, you can identify workplace hazards and risks in real-time, and prevent business disruptions from happening.



Simplifying COVID Protocol Compliance


To reduce the risk of COVID transmission to employees, customers, and the public, it is crucial for both the government and businesses to conduct their inspections properly and regularly. Because of the need for a higher frequency of inspections and audits, businesses and local governments recognize the role of an audit checklist app solution like Rapid Audit in keeping compliance with the health and safety policies. With Rapid Audit, you’ll be able to:


  • Conduct audits at a frequency and pace that would be difficult and expensive with the traditional approach. 


  • Execute audits using your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop, and be able to capture images as audit evidence for compliance, or non-compliance.


  • View real-time reports to easily track issues that are raised during audits and make sure that they are resolved.



Rapid Audit as a COVID Audit Solution

Reduce the risks of COVID spread and ensure everyone's safety with properly implemented and maintained infection prevention and control measures.

With Rapid Audit, you can ensure that your safety procedures are being checked consistently. With the real-time reports, you can get insights into COVID safety issues

and reduce the risk of failures resulting in shutdown, as even a temporary shut down for disinfection can be very expensive.



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COVID Audit Checklist​

Use this checklist to ensure you have taken all the preventive measures necessary to stop the spread of COVID.





Have internal communications to employees been published for all relevant COVID 19 updates?

All facility staff are consistently wearing face masks.

All facility staff are wearing PPE consistent with current guidance and COVID-19 status in facility.

Have internal communications to employees been published for all relevant COVID 19 updates?

Do you have reliable tools for real-time communication with public health workers?

Have the staff been adequately trained by your superiors about the effects of COVID-19?

Have all employees been given accurate information on ways to prevent the spread of infection?

Do all employees know about the symptoms of COVID-19?