Facility Maintenance Audit Solution

Proactive approach to facility maintenance

Knowing the condition of the facilities through inspections help ensure that all areas, assets, and structures within a facility are working as optimally as possible to add to the property's longevity and to prevent system breakdown. When there's no consistent routine checks, major problems could arise. For instance, when an equipment is not functioning properly, it could cause downtime, affect the production and delivery of services, and even higher repair costs.


Why do you need an audit software for facility maintenance?

Performing facility maintenance audits digitally can benefit several industries in several ways:

  • Reduction of equipment breakdown and failure.
  • Frequent audits increase property value.
  • Cost-effective and can 12-18% savings compared to reactive maintenance.
  • Automatically generate insightful reports for quicker action.

Using Rapid Audit as Your Facility Maintenance Audit App

Rapid Audit is a simple but powerful audit app for companies that are seeking to take a proactive and agile approach towards managing risk, thereby protecting their business and meeting compliance demands.


With Rapid Audit, companies are able to perform facility maintenance audits effectively.

  • Perform audits using your desktop/mobile— Conducting audits in an app eliminates paperwork, spreadsheets, and reduces manual data entry.
  • Schedule regular facility maintenance audits— Carry out multiple facility maintenance audits across different locations on a regular and recurring basis. With Rapid Audit, you can schedule and track audits and inspections to make sure that everything is being done consistently.
  • Upload audit evidence- Users are able to attach images to every checklist item for a comprehensive report.
  • Generate facility maintenance inspections instantaneously— get a real-time view of the results of the facility maintenance reports and be more proactive with identifying the key focus areas for improvement and non-compliance.

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