Food Sanitation & Kitchen Operations

Why do you need an audit software for Food Safety

Food Safety and Kitchen Audits

Food safety audit and inspection is used to evaluate the compliance of food businesses with food safety standards. It aims to identify areas of improvement in the food safety procedures of a business while maintaining an environment that provides sufficient controls for preventing physical, chemical, and foodborne hazards. Concurrently, it focuses on maintaining a work environment that is safe for the food handlers and the people who consume it.

Why do you need an audit software for food safety and kitchen operations?

With the evolving safety demands, more and more companies are realizing the value of automating the management of food safety compliance.

  • Fundamentally, it will improve the storage and sharing of data since it’s in a centralized and electronic location.
  • It enables a proactive approach towards food safety since the data can be viewed at real time, in lieu of just relying on the historical statistics.
  • It helps ensure a systematic and thorough food safety inspection and audits since it makes the execution of audits and inspection more efficient and easier.
  • It helps food businesses conduct timely and more frequent audits.

Using Rapid Audit as Your Food Safety Checklist App

Rapid Audit is a simple but powerful audit app for companies that are seeking to take a proactive and agile approach towards managing risks, thereby protecting their business and meeting compliance demands.

With Rapid Audit, companies are able to perform food safety audits and inspections effectively.

  • Perform audits using your desktop/mobile — Conducting audits in an app eliminates paperwork, manual spreadsheets, and manual data entry.
  • Schedule regular food safety inspection and audits — Carry out multiple food safety checks across different locations on a regular and recurring basis. With Rapid Audit, you can schedule and track audits and inspections to make sure that everything is being done consistently.
  • Upload audit evidence - Users are able to attach images to every checklist item for a comprehensive report.
  • Generate food inspection reports instantaneously — get a real-time view of the results of the food inspection reports and be more proactive with identifying the key focus areas for improvement/noncompliance.

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