Health & Safety PPE Audits

PPE Compliance Audit for Health and Safety

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Compliance Audits for Health and Safety are used by safety officers to regularly evaluate if workers are complying with the health & safety policies, perceive risks, and helps management to take a proactive approach with any corrective & preventative actions that may be required as a result of audit findings. Employers are required to provide PPE to their workers when health and safety hazards are present in the workplace. As a result of COVID, PPE is required in the workplace of every organization or business, however audits will still uncover instances when individuals forget or deliberately ignore the PPE rules, this presents a continuous risk to everyone.

The Importance of Regularly Conducting PPE Audits 

Since PPE can lose its effectiveness due to exposure or general wear and tear, work sites need to be regularly inspected to make sure that the PPE used by workers is effective, free from damage, and fully compliant. 

Whether it is for COVID, or other workplace hazards, regular audits help to ensure that standards are being complied with, and keep your people safe. Companies need to apply a consistent approach in the selection, usage, and maintenance of PPEs. PPE audit and inspection should include the following:

  • Workplace survey
  • Selection of appropriate PPE
  • PPE Fitting
  • PPE Training
  • PPE Inspection and Maintenance

Rapid Audit as a PPE Audit App

Make a switch to electronic audits with Rapid Audit. Find out how Rapid Audit helps businesses in protecting their workers with digitally executed risk-based audits.

  • Make audits part of your process and implement frequent safety audits.
  • Eliminate paperwork by performing PPE audits and inspections across multiple sites using your mobile device.
  • Reduce preparation time for audits, gather more accurate data rapidly, and accelerate health and safety compliance. 
  • Quick access to audit results allows companies to be more proactive in managing risks.

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